Helping filmmakers tell their stories to the world

Project Funding

Marna Films focuses on investments in credible local & international feature length films or content for mass media of any genre that has revenue potential and of cultural value. We offer a 3-part investment model :-
  • Research & Development / Scripting
  • Production / Post-production
  • Marketing & Distribution

As we understand each project will differ in terms of productions costs & terms, do contact us for further details.
Co-production Ventures

For our regional / international co-production ventures, Marna Films will actively take part in the development of concepts / ideas as co-producer & provide the necessary production support needed. Through co-production efforts with other countries, Marna Films hopes to contribute to the industry by giving international exposure & opportunities to our local filmmakers.
Content Development

In line with our vision to ensure a continuous supply of substantial content for production, Marna Films is also setting up a panel of professional content developers made up of writers, producers, script supervisors, directors etc to guide selected participants in the process of generating ideas and forming content that is commercially viable.

Whether the content is in its final screenplay form or still in its conceptual stage, the selected content owner is exposed to the copyrighting, packaging, licensing, selling & producing stage of the entire moviemaking process.

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